Bell & McCoy Lighting and Controls


Startek Lighting America

We now represent StarTek Lighting America in Oklahoma. StarTek’s aesthetically designed luminaires are optimized to deliver maximum light to the targeted area. They are engineered for easy installation and long, maintenance-free life. Their expertise in electronics is focused on achieving best efficacy on the market. All StarTek luminaires are compatible with intelligent controls to reduce energy consumption and provide users with more lighting options.

-June, 2018

Twice Bright

We now represent Twice Bright Lighting in Oklahoma. Twice Bright Lighting offers best in 3” IC recessed lighting. They currently offer the shallowest recessed lighting available (both low voltage & line voltage), and a full range of LED lighting solutions.

-May, 2018

Leslie Caldwell

Leslie Caldwell joined the Applications department in the Oklahoma Lighting Office in March. She graduated from Oklahoma State University with a bachelor’s in Interior Design. In her free time she loves playing with her pitbull puppy, Finn, and doing yoga. We are excited to have Leslie on our team.

-April, 2018


We now represent Lux-Illuminaire in Oklahoma, Dallas, San Antonio, Mississippi and Arkansas. Lux Illuminaire is solely focused on creating architectural lighting products that are as subtle as they are brilliant in suspended, recessed, and wall-mounted applications. Their luminaires utilize state-of-the-art technologies, including name brand componentry, advanced optics, and integrated controls, providing some of the most energy efficient products on the market today.

-March, 2018

Insight Lighting

Bell & McCoy Lighting and Controls now represents Insight Lighting in Oklahoma. Since Insight was founded in 1991, dedication to the lighting design community and our commitment to customer service has been their highest priority. Insight remains committed to the mission of manufacturing the highest quality LED lighting solutions, exceeding customer expectations in performance and value, and supporting their decision to be MADE In AMERICA. We are eager to begin this partnership with Insight and see where it leads.

-March, 2018

Truly Green Solutions

We now represent Truly Green Solutions in Oklahoma. TGS is a leader and manufacturer of LED lamps and luminaires for commercial and industrial lighting. Backed by industry-leading five to 10 year guarantees on every product, TGS ensures that their products perform at or above industry standards by undergoing rigorous testing and certifications with nationally and locally approved organizations.

-February, 2018

DLS Lighting

Bell & McCoy Lighting and Controls now represents DLS Lighting in all territories. DLS offers specification grade LED fixtures that offer simplicity and elegant precision. Careful consideration has been given to create function, form and lasting quality in their products. DLS offers ultra-sleek fixture designs that compliment and accentuate commercial and residential architecture.

-January, 2018

Tyson Phillips

Tyson Phillips has joined the Bell & McCoy Tulsa Lighting management team. Tyson has been a lighting expert for 16 years.  He is happily married and has one daughter and two sons. In his spare time, he enjoys cheering on his kids in sports and spending quality time with family and friends at the lake.

-February, 2018

Jennifer Phillips

Jennifer Phillips has joined the Oklahoma Lighting project and customer service team in Tulsa. Jennifer has been in the lighting industry for 13 years. She is married to Tyson Phillips who also just joined our team. We are happy to have her on our team.

-February, 2018

Olympia Lighting

We now represent Olympia Lighting in Oklahoma and Dallas. Olympia designs manufactures and sells Industrial Grade LED Lights & Fixtures for the Commercial Lighting Industry. As the market leader, Olympia is the only company to offer a 250W LED Lamp replacements for 1,000 watt metal halide lamps. Olympia’s state of the art LED Lights are competitively priced, and are designed to perfectly fit existing commercial fixtures.

-March, 2018

Astro Lighting

We now represent Astro Lighting in Oklahoma. Founded in 1997, John Fearon and James Bassant came together to create Astro with a shared commitment to British lighting design and a passion for quality and precision. Now entering their 20th year, Astro's creative ethos has remained consistent throughout – that good design demands simplicity.

-February, 2018

Nova Flex

We now represent Nova Flex in all territories. Nova Flex works with leading architects, lighting designers, engineers, national account groups, electrical distributors/wholesalers, and lighting supply stores across North America to provide custom LED solutions for specific applications.

-October, 2017

Jimmy Ivey

Jimmy Ivey has joined the Bell & McCoy Oklahoma Lighting Team in the Quotes department. Before coming to Bell & McCoy, he spent 8 years in the oil and gas industry. He has been married to his wife Megan for 2 years and they are expecting a baby girl in January. His hard work and dedication to his career will be a huge benefit to the Oklahoma team as they move forward.

-September, 2017


We now represent Reggiani in Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Mississippi and Texas. Reggiani is an international benchmark for the lighting sector, highly regarded for its ability to simplify complex technologies, making them easy to use, enhancing the livability of our environs illumining them in a safe, environmentally friendly manner.

-June, 2017

Light & Green

Bell & McCoy Lighting and Controls now represents Light and Green in Houston, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi and Louisiana. Light and Green boasts an entire line of plaster and ceramic fixtures including trim-less recessed down lighting and step lighting that produces a clean modern look in residential applications.

-May, 2017

SELF Electronics

We now represent Self Electronics in Oklahoma. Self is a technical and quality oriented specialist in commercial LED lighting innovation, design and production for Global retail market. With their well experienced engineering team, they always focus on the latest technical, material and technology developments. Combining their extensive knowledge of LED technology and creative design philosophy, as the perfect solution provider, Self Brings professional illumination into the world.

-March, 2017


We now represent Isolite in Oklahoma. Isolite was founded in 1982 to handle the worldwide marketing and distribution of Self-Luminous Safety Signs manufactured by Safety Light Corporation. Safety Light , in turn , traces its roots back to 1918, making it the oldest radio-luminescent manufacturer in North America. In addition to our self-luminous safety lighting products, Isolite also offers a full line of electrical LED emergency lighting.

-November, 2016

Specialized Lighting Solutions

Bell & McCoy Lighting and Controls now represents Specialized Lighting Solutions in Oklahoma. Specialized Lighting Solutions includes the brands 3F Filippi, Solar Bollards and Clipsal. We are eager to begin our partnership with them.

-January, 2017


We now represent SloanLED in Oklahoma. SloanLED, an ISO 9001 company, is dedicated to providing commercial, industrial and high-tech industries with the best LEDs, the best support and the best results. Their founder, Charles Sloan, was driven by two simple principles: employ the latest technologies to develop quality lighting products and take great care of the customers. Today, more than 55 years later, SloanLED continues to deliver on those principles.

-January, 2017

Sternberg Lighting, Inc.

We now represent Sternberg Lighting in Oklahoma. Sternberg challenges the lighting industry with its innovations in engineering, design, and manufacturing. Their energy efficient LED street lighting luminaires have set a new standard for municipalities, universities, utilities and commercial entities seeking energy costs savings.

-December, 2016

Primus Lighting

We now represent Primus Lighting in Oklahoma. Primus Lighting specializes in small profile lighting fixtures for accent, merchandising and the illumination of architectural features. They use extruded aluminum housings of various profiles allowing them to build fixtures in any size or length necessary for a custom fit without long lead times. The fit and finish is high quality and specification grade.

-December, 2016

Justice Design Group

We now represent Justice Design Group in Austin, Houston and Oklahoma. From a contemporary bathroom light atop an elegant mirror to a dramatic sconce illuminating a formal entryway, Justice Design Group designs and produces clean-lined, distinctive lighting for residential, hospitality and commercial settings. Create a mood, complement a theme, or simply add the perfect accent with a Justice Design decorative lighting fixture.

-December, 2016

Bell & McCoy Lighting and Controls Opens New Office in Tulsa

Bell & McCoy Companies announces the opening of a new Lighting and Controls office in Tulsa, Oklahoma.   This new location will allow us to better serve Tulsa customers and shows our commitment to the Tulsa market. We have added two people to our inside team to support this new office. It has been an exciting time for the Oklahoma division since opening in 2012, and this addition will help pave the way to their continued success.  DOWNLOAD ANNOUNCEMENT



We now represent Lutron in Oklahoma. Lutron light control products range from individual dimmers to total light management systems that control entire building complexes. In almost 50 years of innovation, Lutron has invented hundreds of lighting control devices and systems, and expanded their product offering from 2 products to 15,000. The company has advanced the technology of lighting control while maintaining top market position by focusing on exceptional quality and design.

-December, 2016


We now represent Lumascape in Oklahoma. Lumascape, based in San Carlos California, is one of the World’s premier manufacturers of exterior, ingrade and underwater lighting products. Trading since 1990 the company has a rep network encompassing the entire North American continent. Lumascape’s manufacturing facility includes a fully equipped CAD-CAM design centre, CNC technology, robotics and a self-contained powder coating plant. The in-house design centre focuses on the use of highly durable materials such as marine grade 316 stainless steel and smart engineering to create long lasting and reliable luminaires.

-October, 2016

David Day

David Day has joined the Oklahoma Lighting’s quotations team. David is originally from the Tulsa area. His past experience includes outside sales at AT&T and being a supervisor and plant safety officer at Boral Bricks. He loves all things sports, outdoors and music. He has been married 6 years and has a two year old daughter named Chesney. We are glad to have him on our team.

-September, 2016

MP Lighting

We now represent MP Lighting in Oklahoma. MP Lighting specializes in manufacturing specification-grade architectural LED fixtures, as well as Low Voltage, Line Voltage, and Multi-Circuit Track Systems. MP Lighting began with the design of two ceiling mount fixtures and one of the very first cable systems in Canada. Today, the product line has grown to over 150 products available in numerous mounting options and systems.

-July, 2016

GE Lighting Solutions - LED Refrigerated Display Lighting - North Texas and Oklahoma

We now represent GE’s LED Refrigerated Display Lighting in North Texas and Oklahoma. This is GE’s line LED Immersion™ RDL Systems for Lighting Retail Cabinets.

-July, 2016

Sistemalux & Iguzzini

Bell & McCoy Lighting and Controls is now representing iGuzzini in Oklahoma. iGuzzini was established in 1958 and produces today indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures. It is the Italian leader in technical and architectural lighting and ranks amongst the leading companies in Europe. Since June 2008, iGuzzini has created iGuzzini Lighting North America.

-July, 2016

TPR Enterprises


We now represent TPR Enterprises in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Texas. TPR Enterprises is a New York based manufacturer of LED and Fiber Optic Lighting and Controls, and has become one of the premier manufacturers in North America. TPR was established in 1980 and has completed thousands of projects from Broadway Shows and Casinos to Commercial Buildings and High End Residences.


-June, 2016

Ligman Lighting, USA

We now represent Ligman Lighting, USA in Oklahoma. Ligman was founded in 1995 and offers a comprehensive range of sustainable outdoor lighting products and solutions for architects, landscape designers, engineers and professionals.

-June, 2016

GE Lamp and Ballast

Bell & McCoy is excited to announce that we will begin representing GE Lamps and Ballasts in North Texas and Oklahoma effective July 1, 2016. We now represents GE’s entire Lighting Product Portfolio, Lamps (Core and LED), Ballasts, and Fixtures (HID and LED).  GE has been a Leader in Lighting for over 100 years and we are exciting about this opportunity with them.  Lamps and Ballasts will be handled by our Supply Division, while fixtures will remain with Bell & McCoy Lighting and Controls. DOWNLOAD ANNOUNCEMENT

Bell & McCoy
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-June, 2016


We now represent LUMCA, Inc. in Arkansas and Oklahoma. LUMCA is based in Canada and offers a very diverse variety of street lighting.

-May, 2016

Altman Lighting, Inc.

We now represent Altman Lighting, Inc. in Oklahoma. For over sixty years, the Altman name has stood true as one of the leading innovators of theatrical, architectural, film and video lighting available on the market today.

-May, 2016

JESCO Lighting

We now represent JESCO Lighting Group in Oklahoma, Dallas, and Houston. JESCO is a New York based company who offers contemporary, architectural, energy-efficient fixtures for commercial, institutional and residential applications. JESCO’s product line is constantly evolving as technology advances, and for that we are glad to be a part of their team.

-February, 2016

Spectrum Lighting, Inc.

We now represent Spectrum Lighting, Inc. in Oklahoma. Spectrum Lighting offers commercial down lighting, including RLM, Pendants and cylinders. The Spectrum Lighting factory is vertically integrated to produce all major fixture components. Equipment includes 24 metal spinning lathes, 40 presses, automatic polishing, a full CNC machine/tool room, CNC metal fabrication presses, and a complete finishing department. This array of machinery plus skilled employees allows them to design, tool, and produce their own reflectors, housing and components. They can proudly say they are one of the few lighting manufactures able to produce all of their products "In House".

-February, 2016

Steve Simpson Named 2015 Danney Van McCoy Employee of the Year

We are pleased to announce that STEVE SIMPSON is the recipient of our 2015 Danney Van McCoy Employee of the Year Award!  This award recognizes one of our employees as someone with outstanding passion and desire, who bettered our business and performed above all others.  

Steve is our Oklahoma territory manager.  He started with Bell & McCoy in 2006 after spending time at Borders States as our customer and our friend.  Steve and his team have won the Legrand Circle of Excellence award three out the last five years and were recognized in the opening comments of the Legrand National Sales Meeting last January.  As many of you know, Steve will help anyone at any time with anything and he applies that attitude to his professional and personal life.  Please join us in congratulating Steve on this award!

-February, 2016

Peachtree Lighting

We now represent Peachtree Lighting in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana. Peachtree Lighting, located in Covington, GA, USA, is a quality manufacturer of architectural grade downlighting, cylinders and decorative products. While the company‘s products are available in a wide range of traditional light sources, recent designs focus on the use of high efficiency LED components. Peachtree's products are ideal for architecturally sensitive and upscale applications including Hospitals, Health Care, Churches, Theaters, Auditoriums, Atriums, Hotels, Restaurants, and Specialty Environments.

-January, 2016

NICOR Lighting - Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas

We now represent NICOR Lighting in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas. NICOR offers a range of commercial and residential LED lighting, including downlights, indoor, outdoor, exit and emergency lighting. NICOR continues to expand and is quick to embrace sustainable energy solutions and efficient products.

-January, 2016


Rob Duncan has been promoted to Vice-President of Lighting and Controls for Bell & McCoy Companies.  Rob started our first lighting and controls business in June 2006 and has worked hard to build our team and make us a viable rep in the Houston market. Rob has a degree from Texas A & M University and prior to Bell & McCoy spent 10 years with Lutron Electronics. Rob has a huge passion to help us grow overall and in his new role he will be working with all the General Managers to help them build their businesses to even bigger levels than they are today. This is a new position for us and much needed as our business has grown considerably over the last 5 years.  DOWNLOAD ANNOUNCEMENT

-January, 2016

Contech Lighting

We now represent Contech Lighting in Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Oklahoma. Contech is a resource for innovative, high performance, and sustainable lighting solutions.

-December, 2015


We now represent Klus in Oklahoma. Klus LLC is a manufacturer of aluminum extrusion designs and an evolving component system to integrate flexible LED circuits into an everyday living space.

-December, 2015


We are now representing Lehigh in Oklahoma. Lehigh manufactures a complete line of theatrical and architectural lighting systems including dimmers, controls, distribution equipment, fixtures and energy management controls. Lehigh provides both standard and custom designed systems for stage, television, movie theaters, conference rooms, and convention centers.

-November, 2015

SolaRight Lighting

We now represent SolaRight Lighting in Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Mississippi. SolaRight Lighting offers the first patented, construction grade LED solar paver tiles and street safety markers in the world.

-October, 2015

Light Efficient Design

We are now representing Light Efficient Design in Oklahoma. Light Efficient Design offers a premier source of high-quality, cutting-edge  LED retrofit lighting solutions. Their LED retrofit lamps provide a simple alternative to total fixture replacement and deliver quick ROI.

-September, 2015

ELK Lighitng

We now represent ELK Lighting in Oklahoma. ELK offers an intensely wide range of lighting products suited to meet your every need. They thrive to provide exceptional customer service by offering all the following perks; low price guarantee, 3 day deliver (or you get $100), free returns, and a lifetime warranty.

-June, 2015

Solavanti Lighting

We now represent Solavanti Lighting in Oklahoma. Solavanti is built on a solid foundation that is synonymous with cutting edge design, exceptional customer service, and an overall “can do” spirit of delivering the right solution for complex requirements. They have maximized on this solid foundation to deliver a new level of business with their distinct and complimentary product lines. Solavanti Lighting offers the following architectural lighting lines; LTS, BAULMANN, LAMP, and One Light.

-June, 2015


We now represent Erco in Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, and San Antonio. Erco has lit up exhibits and showrooms all over the world with their high performance LED downlights. Erco's global network enables them to guarantee a reliable service - especially on international, trans-border projects. Take a look at Erco's many past projects here.

-May, 2015

LED Inspirations

We now represent LED Inspirations in Oklahoma. LED Inspirations manufactures beautifully engineered LED tape light solutions.

-April, 2015

Kim Griffin

We are glad to announce a new addition to our Oklahoma Lighitng team, Kim Griffin. She previously worked for another agency in Oklahoma, and knows the market very well. Kim will be leading our applications team.

-April, 2015

Lyndsey Hause

Lyndsey Hause has joined our Customer Service team in Oklahoma. She has years of experience in the lighting industry. Her strong customer relations have already made an impact on the Oklahoma office. Needless to say, we are happy to have her on our team.

-April, 2015

Caleb Collins

Caleb Collins has joined our Quotations team in Oklahoma. Caleb recently finished an internship here at Bell & McCoy, in which he showed great charisma and excitement for the lighting industry. Caleb will be an asset to our team.

-April, 2015

Ephesus Lighting

We now represent Ephesus Lighting in all of the territories we cover. Ephesus specializes in LED sports lighting solutions for stadiums, arenas, and outdoor courts. Ephesus is different in that their new-age technology has been developed to give you control over exactly how much light you need, where you need it, and when it is needed. These customizations allow more light to be produced using less energy.

-March, 2015

Shellee Wells

Shellee Wells has joined the Bell & McCoy Lighting and Controls team in Oklahoma as Outside Sales. She has a degree in Interior Design, and over 8 years in the lighting industry. Shellee's experience and strong presence in the design community will be an integral impact on the growth of our Oklahoma office.

-March, 2015


We now represent dmf LIGHTING in Oklahoma. dmf LIGHTING offers value driven and innovative recessed, track, and specialty lighting ideal for a variety of applications.

-March, 2015

Besa Lighting

We now represent Besa Lighting in Oklahoma. Besa specializes in Contemporary Decorative Pendant and Wall Luminaries.

-March, 2015

Lumux Lighting Inc.

We now represent Lumux Lighting Inc. in Oklahoma. Lumux offers architectural, contemporary post top, and wall exterior lighting.

-February, 2015

Chase Coale

Chase Coale has joined our Bell & McCoy IT team in Houston. Chase has an associate's degree in Information Technology, and is working towards his Microsoft certifications. Chase will be a great asset to our team.

-January, 2015

Cerno LLC

We now represent Cerno LLC in Oklahoma. Cerno is an industrial design and manufacturing company innovating modern LED lighting fixtures and art lighting.

-February 2015

Steinel Professional

We now represent Steinel Professional.  Steinel manufacturers German engineered energy controls for lighting, power, and light HVAC equipment.  Innovative and cleverly engineered solutions for the commercial and industrial user to accommodate strict energy codes, surpassing all industry standards.

-January, 2015

Tempo Industries

We now represent Tempo Industries in Oklahoma.  Tempo offers a wide variety of lighting products, including theater step/aisle lighting, interior decorative, and low-voltage stadium.

-January, 2015

Orgatech Lighting

We now represent Orgatech Lighting in Oklahoma.  Orgatech manufacturers Linear Fluorescent, Wall Washer and Sign Lighter products, and is dedicated to providing an unequalled level of architectural design.

-January, 2015

Lucifer Lighting Company

We now represent Lucifer Lighting Company in Oklahoma. Lucifer, a manufacturer of low voltage lighting products including fiber optics, track and spots, light strips, down lights, and LED, is a global resource for world class architects, designers, and developers.

-January, 2015

Feiss Lighting

We now represent Feiss Lighting.  Feiss offers a selection of Decorative Lighting for Hospitality, Multi-Family, and Residential applications.

-January, 2015

Monte Carlo Fan Company

We now represent Monte Carlo Fan Company.  Monte Carlo specializes in trend inspired, fashion forward ceiling fans and accessories in a wide variety of styles, sizes and finishes.

-January, 2015

Seagull Lighting

We now represent Seagull Lighting, a number one choice in decorative and energy start products for residential and multi-family projects.

-January, 2015

Visco Lighting

We now represent Visco, manufacturer of a wide variety of cast iron and steel ornamental streetlights, traffic signal poles, bollards, and other streetscape equipment.

-November, 2014

Anolis Lighting

We now represent Anolis Lighting, a cutting edge designer and manufacturer of high end architectural indoor and outdoor flood lighting and wall washers.  Capabilities include color changing and motorized aiming LED luminaires.

-November, 2014

Camman Lighting

We now represent Camman Lighting in Oklahoma, manufacturer of custom pendants, sconces, ceiling and Church designs.

-October, 2014

Jim Fisher

Jim Fisher has joined our specification sales team. Jim's 15 year engineering background will be a tremendous asset to our group.

-August, 2014

Recesso Lighting

We now represent Recesso Lighting, making it easy and stylish to re-use dated recessed lights by adding beautiful, decorative shades.

-August, 2014

Lightnet Architectural Lighting

We now represent Lightnet Architectural Lighting, a specialist for professional building illumination, inspiring customers with aesthetic, functional and energy-efficient luminaires. 

-August, 2014


We now represent Lilibend in Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas.  Lilibend is a specification grade LED tape system suitable for architectural as well as high end residential projects.

-July, 2014

Vivid Leds

We now represent ViVid Leds, a complete source for LED replacement lamps and fixtures specializing in commercial, residential and architectural lighting applications.

-July, 2014


We now represent Centerlight.  Centerlight offers new advancements in LED lighting technology with a full spectrum of modern designs so that you can feel more connected with your home and your workplace.

-June, 2014

Jeff Jones

Jeff Jones has joined our lighting team in Oklahoma.  Jeff has 17 years experience in our local lighting industry. He will be joining our quotations team to handle the Tulsa Market.

-June, 2014

Jessy Kramp

Jessy Kramp has joined our lighting team in Oklahoma.  Jessy is a recent graduate with a Masters of Interior Design from Oklahoma State University.  Her extensive design background will greatly enhance our design and specification team in Oklahoma.

-May, 2014

Ashley Spring

Ashley Spring has joined our lighting Customer Service team in Oklahoma.  Ashley is previously from the banking industry.  Her customer service skills will be a great addition to our team.

-May, 2014


We now represent Luminance, manufacturer of elegant hospitality and residential lighting for both simple and extravagant spaces.

-May, 2014

Light Corporation

Light Corporation, a world class specialty lighting designer and manufacturer, is a progressive organization providing cost-effective office and industrial lighting and wireless control systems that improve productivity, health, and energy efficiency in modern day workspaces.

-May, 2014

CGF Design

We now represent CGF Design.  CGF Design specializes in the design and production of commercial, industrial, and decorative architectural lighting fixtures, and they are committed to the production of energy-efficient and cost-effective lighting systems.

-April, 2014

Hinkley Lighting

We now represent Hinkley Lighting.  Hinkley manufactures energy-efficient decorative lighting solutions.  They are a global brand, intent on providing the best in style, quality and value.

-April, 2014

IMARK Platinum Level Award

Bell & McCoy Companies received IMARK's Platinum Level Award for customer service provided during the year 2013.  We are honored to serve our IMARK customers and look forward to partnering with them again this year.

-April, 2014

Hevi Lite

We now represent Hevi Lite in Oklahoma.  Hevi Lite products are born in California and shipped across the globe. Smart designers choose Hevi Lite to fit with almost any architectural style, from American Craftsman to Post Modern. Hevi Lite fixtures will blend and fit unobtrusively onto buildings and landscapes, yet when studied closely you will find that our products are beautifully designed to stand on their own.

-March ,2014

Green Creative

We now represent Green Creative,  a solid state lighting development and manufacturing company that specializes in retrofit lighting for the commercial market, offering a comprehensive line of LED lighting solutions.

-March ,2014

Lindsey Campbell

Lindsey Campbell has joined our lighting quotations team in Oklahoma.  Lindsey has ten years experience in the lighting industry where she spent eight years in the lighting showroom business and two years with a lighting agency.  Her thorough knowledge of the business will be a great addition to our Oklahoma team. 

-February, 2014

TPR Enterprises

We now represent TPR Enterprises.   TPR is a premier manufacturer of LED and Fiber Optic lighting.  With a core group of LED products and a complete range of Fiber Optics, TPR can solve a multitude of your lighting needs and is dedicated to making your project a success — from initial design to final programming. 

-February, 2014


Bell & McCoy Lighting and Controls Oklahoma now represents Dynalux. Dynalux Lighting, a division of Mule Lighting, is a leading provider of high quality luminaires that include high efficiency Induction, HID, linear fluorescent and compact fluorescent light sources. We provide lighting solutions for commercial, industrial and institutional markets with fixtures that are familiar to the entire industry.

-January, 2014

Journee Lighting

Bell & McCoy Lighting and Controls Oklahoma now represents Journee Lighting. Headquartered in Westlake Village, California, Journée Lighting, Inc. designs and manufactures state-of-the-art LED lighting fixtures, including the award winning Lotus and Azara luminaires. Journée also designs and manufactures specification-grade Monorail and Monopoint systems for use with its LED Luminaires.

-December, 2013


Bell & McCoy Lighting and Controls Oklahoma now represents LEDalux. LEDalux is committed to growth through the continued advancement of LED technology. Our products will significantly reduce energy consumption and provide superior lighting solutions to the global lighting market. Our expertise in lighting spans several decades through our parent company, Mule Lighting, Inc. The advent of LEDalux demonstrates our commitment to designing products that provide the utmost in quality and innovation. Our state-of-the-art LED product portfolio will provide our customers with energy and maintenance reducing solutions for virtually all lighting applications.

-January, 2014

Mule Lighting

Bell & McCoy Lighting and Controls Oklahoma now represents Mule Lighting. The Mule Battery Company was founded in 1923 with two thoughts in mind — to provide quality products and to back them with exemplary customer service. For over 80 years we have grown and prospered by aggressively pursuing these objectives — meeting the needs of our industry and developing products that serve our customers well.Today Mule Lighting enjoys over eighty years of success and goodwill as a manufacturer that designs, markets and services a wide array of innovative lighting and related products. Best of all, we still follow those same tenets upon which we were founded - to furnish quality products and services that are focused on providing customer loyalty and satisfaction for many years after their initial purchase. We trust your experience with Mule will find this to be true.

-January, 2014

OnLine Power, Inc.

We now represent OnLine Power, Inc., a leading world-class designer and producer of power protection products. Since our beginnings in 1975, we have grown to this position by offering our customers a wide selection of power protection equipment based on the technological innovation and on the reliability of our products.

-February, 2014

William Ellis "Buddy" Binyon (1945-2014)

William Ellis "Buddy" Binyon, 68, passed away peacefully Thursday, Jan. 23, 2014. Buddy was born on March 4, 1945, in Odessa to Nicholas and Heloise Binyon.  He enjoyed the water and all things about it. He especially enjoyed boating, fishing, "bobbing," sunrises, sunsets, night riding, and most of all his family and friends.  Buddy's career in the electrical industry spanned over 40 years. He joined Bell & McCoy in 1972 as a principal owner. Throughout his time in the industry, he was considered a leader, mentor, confidante, trainer, supporter and, most of all, a friend.  He was a passionate man who had a true spirit for living life to the fullest. He cherished his family. Survivors: His wife and best friend of 48 years, Irene; son, Jason and his wife, Gina; daughters, Paige Lonibos and her husband, Neil, and Stacy Binyon; grandchildren, Tanner, Trace and Ty Binyon, Ashton, Braeden and Cason Lonibos; brothers, Nick and his wife Beverly, and Gary Binyon ; sister, Tricia Adcox and husband, Charles; as well as loving nieces and a nephew.   Tribute Video

-January, 2014


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