Bell & McCoy


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ACME Electric

Dry-Type, Non-Linear, K-Rated, Buck Boost, Industrial Control and Encapsulated Industrial Control Transformers, Constant Voltage Regulators

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Atlas Lighting Products

Portable Flood, Area, Fluorescent, Vandal, Wall, Hi-Bay, Low-bay, Ballasts

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Weatherproof Boxes and Covers, Lamp Holders, and Combination Devices

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Bergen Industries

Temporary Lights, Tube Guard and Vapor Tight Enclosures

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Conduit and Cable Fittings

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Range Hoods, Central Cleaning Systems, Audio Speakers, Energy Star Bath Fans, Attic and Ceiling Fans

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Wire Cable Tray

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Commodity Cables

Data Connectivity Solutions, Low Voltage Control, Coax, Data, Fire Alarm and Security Cables and Connectivity Components

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E-Mon Corporation

Digital KWH, Demand Sub-Meters and Metering Software, Power Quality Meter with KWH, PF, V, A, VARs, VA, Harmonic Distortion, Voltage Sags

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Ecn Korns

Galvanized and EMT Elbows, Couplings, Nipples, and the Original Korns Clamp

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Lightning Protection and Grounding Equipment for the Communications and Electrical Industry

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THHN, XHHW, and Bare Copper

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Complete Line of Aluminum Wire Including Building Wire, URD, Service Drop, UD, SER and More

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LS Cable & System

Instrumentation, Control, Power and Medium Voltage Cables 

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Commercial & Industrial Enclosures, Meter Mounting Equipment, RV and Mobile Home Pedestals

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Communication Services/Concrete Pullbox and Handholes/Equipment Structures/Vaults, Equipment Pads/Plastic Pullbox and Handholes/Towers Structures

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ON-Q Home Systems

Home Network Systems - Cat 5 Intercom, Whole House Audio, Home theater, Wireless Internet Solutions, Programmable Lighting, Cat 5 Cameras

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P-W Industries

Cable Tray and Wire Management Systems

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Pass & Seymour

GFCI Receptacles, Switches, Plugs and Connectors, Electrical Boxes and Accessories, Flexcore Wire Mesh Grips, IEC 309 Products, Lighting Controls, Turnlok Devices, TVSS, Wall Plates and Weatherproof

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Peco Fasteners

Fasteners, Nuts, Bolts, Screws, Washers & Masonry Anchors

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Electrical Connectors, Compression Tools, Distribution Blocks and Split Bolts

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Continuous Length HDPE Duct and Accessories. Cable in Conduit 13 mm to 6”. Couplings, Fittings, Guy Markers and Cable Markers

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Steel and Non-Metallic Boxes, Covers, and Fittings

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Kwik Loc Cable Lock to Suspend Fluorescent and HID Lighting

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Phase converters, Soft Start Controllers, Transfer Switches, Capacitors

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Rymco EMT and Pytco Rigid Conduit

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Specification Grade Commercial and Residential Weatherproof-While-In-Use Lines of Safety Outlet Boxes as Well as a Complete Line of Outdoor Weatherproof Products

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Universal Lighting

Complete line of LED Fixtures, LED Retrofit Kits, LED Tubes + Drivers, LED Tubes + LED Ready® Ballast, LED Replacement Drivers, LED Chains, LED Sign Tubes, Ballasts, Surge Protectors, and Lampholders

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Steel, Stainless Steel and Non-Metallic Enclosures, Wire-way and Operator Interface Enclosures and Consoles.  Full line of Nema 1, 3R, 4, 4x and 12 Enclosures

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Energy Management, Firestop Fittings, Floor Boxes, Infloor Duct, Modular Wiring, Poke-Thru Devices, Raceway and more