Bell & McCoy Integrated Solutions

Bell & McCoy Integrated Solutions - Line Sheet

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Acoustic Smart

Top-End Furniture, Acoustic Treatments, and Fiber Optic Ceilings to the CEDIA Dealer. They can also Design your Dream Theater Space for you along with Installation

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Exclusive and Extremely High End Aesthetic for Home Control. Basalte has Pioneered a Completely Different way to Interact with a Home Automation System, Control Lighting, Shading, or Anything else in a Home

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Coastal Source

Leading Line in Landscape Lighting, and Outdoor Lighting Systems. Engineering the Perfect Solutions for a Lifetime of use in the most Extreme Environments has made Coastal Source the Leading Provider for Dealers

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Contech Lighting

A Resource for Innovative, High-Performance and Sustainable Lighting Solutions

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Electric Mirror

 Lighted Mirrors, Mirror TVs, Waterproof TVs, Mirrored Cabinets, Corridor Lighting, Wardrobe Mirrors, and Makeup Mirrors

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Focus Industries

Exterior Lighting for Landscape, Hospitality, Entertainment and Architectural

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Hunza Lighting

Exterior Lighting for Landscape, Enterainment and Architectural

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Italian Designed Architectural Indoor and Outdoor Fixtures

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Impact Lighting

Creates Innovative Lighting Solutions for Architectural, Commercial, Residential, and Aquatic Applications

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Light and Green

Plaster and Ceramic Fixtures Including Trimless Recessed Downlighting, and Steplighting that Produces a Clean Modern Look in Residential Applications

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Lucifer Lighting Company

Low Voltage Lighting Products, Including Fiber Optics, Track and Spots, Light Strips, Down Lights, and LED

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Home Automation Solutions for Total Light Control

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Energy-Efficient Lighting Products, Including a Full Range of LED Lamps and Components

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Intelligent Thermostats, Cameras and Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detectors

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Nova Flex

Premium Quality Customized LED Ribbon /Tape and LED Neon Products and Related LED Channels, Controllers, Power Supplies, and Accessories

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Rayon Lighting

A Full Line of Specification Grade Outdoor and Indoor Induction Fluorescent,LED and Solar Lighting

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Total Protection Design

Surge Protection for Lighting Control Systems

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TPR Enterprise

LED and Fiber Optic Lighting Manufacturers

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Customized Systems for Plasma and LCD Ccreens Designed for Mobility and Versatility in Commercial and Residential Spaces

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Verbatim Lighting

The Next Generation of High-Efficiency, Cost-Saving LED Lighting

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Complete and Creative Cost-Effective Solutions for all of your In-Wall, Lighting and Interior Design Challenges